Providing clinicians and private practices with the best telehealth tools since 2013

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We Get it!

At SecureVideo, we understand the unique telehealth and telemedicine needs of behavioral health practitioners.

The Right Video Connection for You

Choose the best video connection for each session - One-Click for zero-install sessions or Zoom for extreme quality

Choose between Zoom and One-Click for all sessions. Or, choose a Hybrid account, allowing the choice of video platform by session.
In the event of a failure by Zoom or Twilio video engines, customers can switch sessions, thereby ensuring that no sessions are missed.

Support that Makes the Difference

Ensure your and your patients' telehealth success - we're real people who care and are with you every step of the way.

Speak with a live support agent by phone, chat, or email.
With our US-based support standing by 24/7/365, help is available around the clock.